Superfine Fibers Pad+Embossing Pad
Dead skin cells cleaning and Pore Tightening
Skin calming effects with strong hydrating effects


Absorb debris and dirts in pores
Bring back your glossy skin with carbonic acid massage!



​Easy ans quick esthetic effect!

Carbonic acid massage for clean pores and glossy skin


Dead skin cells


clogged​ pores care



Lifting Care

Pores cleaning

※본제품은 인체에 유해할수 있는 향첨가를 하지 않아 피부에 좋은 영향을 주는 해바라기씨 오일과 징크옥사이드 성분의 특유의 향이 나며 이는 제품에 문제가 있는것이 아니니 안심하고 사용 하셔도 됩니다.

It quikly clean up debris and dirts in my pores

It's interesting when it foams up! I can deal with debris and dirts in my pores just at home. And the effects is great! My skin looks gloosy and soft, and also easy to make-up!

-Blogger Jennyland -

Commended to Men! Just have a try!

Actually i had never took care of my pores or sebum before. But it was so good to have a try with this. It foams up so much...I really need a care with my face I think. lol.

- Blogger Traveller -

My husband and me use it twice a week!

My husband had never take any care of skincare before. But this mask pack foams up with white bubbles really attracts him. Apply some essence or cream after use and get sleep, then the skin refresh in the morning! I bought moisturizing mask pack and bubble mask pack again!

- Blogger Hyori Mom-

Micro-fiber Pad cleaning invisible dirt in pores.

Dead skin cells cleaning and Pore Tightening

Skin Calming effect with strong water absorption

Micro-fiber Pad

Embossing Pad

normal fiber pad

※ The picture above is a test for cleaning effects of the pad, but the product could not use for cleaning.

Micro-fiber pad

· Peeling Product that is rich of fruits extracts (lemon extracts, etc.), brings dead skin cells cleaning, Pore Tightening, Moisturizing effects with AHA.

- Dead skin cells cleaning

- Lipid peroxidation restraining

- Skin texture care

- Cytotoxicity alleviation

- Skin Care

- Restore tired skin

- Skin smoothy, improve skin elasticity

- Anti-acidification

- Restore tired skin

- Dead skin cells cleaning

- Moisturizing

Apple Extract

Lemon Extract

White birch Extract

Sodium hyaluronate

Lime Extract


Refreshing! Completely! Clean up your clogged pores that due to the reason of excessive sebum secretion and dust by our carbonated bubble mask!

Rich foams clean dead skin cells and clogged pores

Absorb debris and sebum

Rich of honey extracts and hyaluronic.

moisturizing effects Up

Easy and and convenient for use

Rich of carbonated water

from Germany improving elasticity

Dead skin cells cleaning + Pores tightening + Moisturizing, 3 in 1 nutrition supplement multi-functional mask pack

· Volcanic ingredients included could absorb debris and sebum, improve facial skin texture

· Hyaluronic and honey extracts with strong water absorption brings great moisturizing effects

· Include carbonated water from Germany, improving elasticity and smoothing skins

The NO.1 absorption ability! Volcanic Clay Water

As natural weak alkaline water –volcanic clay water, the strong absorption ability makes it has a great sebum absorption effect.

Clean the dead skin cells on face with a lightly massage by surfactant extracted from apple

Surfactant from nature

Carbonated Water from Germany

Carbonated Water made in Germany could improve the skin elasticity and smoothing your skin

Sodium hyaluronate

As a material filled the collagens and elastic fiber - balance the electrolyte and fluid balance between cells and support the cell - makes your skin glossy, smooth and elastic.

Refresh your skin with honey extract and hyaluronic outstanding moisturizing effects and anti-aging effects

Skin Moisturizing by Honey extract+ Hyaluronic

Skin moisturizing, skin elasticity, and whitening! All of it in one time!

A simple and convenient skin care in nowadays busy lifestyle

Green Tea Extract: Skin cleaning and shiny skin

Clean up the hazardous oxides internal, and defend the skin aging, freckle, age spots, Whitening.

1. Clean the face and use the micro-fiber pad gently remove debris and dead skin cells on the face.

2. Use embossing pad gently treat your skin texture, and lightly stroke your face to absorb essence remains on skin.

4. Leave the mask about 10~15 minutes, and remove the mask after the soda bubble foams up.

3. After using the pad, open the STEP 2 pouch and place the mask sheet on face evenly.

5. Gently massage remaining bubbles into the skin, and then rinse off with water.

TIP : After placing the mask sheet on the face, the bubble will quickly foams up and clean the dead skin cells and pores. This procedure may cause a little bit stings; it is the normal phenomenon of the bubble massage. Returns and replacement would not be accepted due to stings caused by bubble massage.

* For the characteristic of the essence of the mask sheet, please gently rub the mask pouch before open it up. Please use the mask sheet right after open it up.